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Top 8 Unique Wedding Venues in Sydney

Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Finding the right reception space can be one of the trickier items on your list when planning your wedding. Especially if you’re looking to find a place outside of the typical ‘run-of-the-mill’ venues. But if you’re a couple who loves the unexpected, opting for a more non-traditional wedding spot may be more your thing. We’ve comprised a list of 8 inspirational and unique wedding venue options for the Sydney couple who likes to do things a little differently.
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1. The Island

For a truly unique wedding reception, why not take your guests off land and celebrate on Australia’s first fully floating beach club and bar. With the right music, The Island can easily transform from a romantic sit-down dinner to a raging dance party, accompanied by all the glowing lights of the city. Let Sydney Harbour become the ultimate backdrop for all your wedding day snaps (and schnapps)!

2. Fairground Follies

A playground for the young at heart, Fairground Follies is a hidden ‘carnival-meets-burlesque’ space at the Antique Mechanical Museum in St. Peters. Perfect for the bold couple who envisions their wedding day venue with a theatrical and vibrant atmosphere – somewhere their guests can simply have fun. Who doesn’t love a good carousel ride?

3. Laneway in the heart of the City

If you’ve ever been through the streets of Sydney’s CBD, then you’ll understand the appeal of tying the knot right then and there – in one of the winding laneways smack bang in the middle of the city! With a proliferation of awe-struck Sydney-siders gazing at a romantically public ceremony, this unique idea of a pop-up style wedding would be ideal for a spontaneous couple with family and friends who don’t mind a little walking. Check out this couple’s wedding at Angel Place in Sydney which was inspired by the first time they met at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

4. Sculpture Terrace, Museum of Contemporary Arts

As far as rooftop venues go, the Sculpture Terrace is pretty up there. With spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, that look sublime from every seat in the house, this empty space (besides the odd sculpture here or there, hence the name) at the top of the Museum of Contemporary Arts can host up to 140 guests for a sit down dinner. Of course, if a cocktail style wedding is more your thing, the airy ambience of the Sculpture Terrace makes for a great open space for your guests to chat, drink wine, and find themselves occasionally stargazing.

5. Ambush Gallery

This creative hub, perched on the streets of Sydney’s industrial precinct, typically offers their gallery spaces to artists in residence and, now and again, hosts corporate and promotional events. But for the artsy, laid-back couple, the Ambush Gallery is an opportunity to go wild with styling and atmosphere making. After all, it’s a place designed for artists to be inspired, so anything creative is gladly welcomed. Best suited to a casual style wedding with a modest number of guests, this space can be imaginatively arranged to host food trucks and the like for a more exciting and unconventional way to celebrate with family and friends.

6. Palais, Luna Park

Your guests will need to hold back their child-like anticipation as they walk past the ferris wheel and dodgem cars to get to your reception destination. But it’s worth it. The Palais Room at Luna Park, one of Sydney’s greatest attractions, can host up to 120 people for a banquet dinner and up to 250, canapé style. The feature of this room is the stunning fold back glass windows that back on to a remarkable view of Sydney Harbour where the bridge feels so close you could touch it. Open up these windows to extend the room out onto the balcony where guests can roam in a more airy and romantic environment.

7. Seal Cove at Taronga Zoo

Your wedding venue couldn’t get any wilder than mingling with the lions, elephants and giraffes at Sydney’s iconic Taronga Zoo.  While climbing in to animal enclosures is not an option for anyone other than the zookeepers, couples can dive in to the depths of their love amongst the playful seals at Seal Cove. Located underneath the seal enclosure, and part of the Taronga Centre, this unique Sydney wedding venue features floor to ceiling windows that reveal the vibrant blue of the seal pool and requires minimal additional styling. For those who prefer the fresh air to the deep blue, the Birdshow Amphitheater is another unique wedding venue on site that provides a stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

8. St Joseph’s Guest House

Located in the beautiful bush surrounds of the Macdonald Valley, St Joseph’s Guesthouse and Function Centre has been lovingly restored from the ruins of a Gothic style sandstone Catholic Church built in 1839. There is sleeping accommodation for up to 10 guests as well as facilities to allow for self-catering or to hire caterers of your own choosing. Ok, so this one is technically a 90 minute drive from Sydney, but we think it’s definitely worth including for it’s unique wedding venue wow factor.





Wednesday 3rd May 2017