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50 Shades of Silver

Thursday 5th May 2016
In the fashion world, anything old will eventually become new again. The same can be said for this season’s contemporary 'granny' hair tone - ash, gunmetal grey, and silver. We understand that this quietly confident look is a bold move for most of us, especially the bride to be, but if there is one thing that we can learn from British Vogue Editor Sarah Harris, it’s that going grey is this year’s most radical way of exuding timeless sophistication.
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So, you’ve taken the plunge. Now we bet you are asking how to style this ethereal look. Ashy tones immediately create a sense of ghostly elegance and pale beauty, so to capture this look for your wedding day, pair a bohemian inspired waterfall braid with a crystal vine accessory woven into your half-up hairdo. For a more minimal wedding day aesthetic, straighten and slick back your silver locks into a loose ponytail, holding them in place with a metal bar or tube. The silvery, sleek pony has dominated the runway and the grey touch is simply effortless for the off-beat bride. For added texture, lighting pull out a few wisps of hair on the top leaving the sides ultra slicked. Note to one’s self, grey locks also pair nicely with subtle flower detailing. Experiment with an otherworldly wreath of baby’s breath.

If you have opted to bleach your hair outright, there are a few styling and maintenance tips that you should become acquainted with. Invest in a high quality toning shampoo that you can use at least once a week to ensure that your gorgeous silver locks do not become brassy or faded over time. Secondly, just as a died blonde must continually maintain her regrowth, so too must a bottle-grey gal. This is a no brainer for a bride to be, preparing her hair for the big day. Finally, in addition to using sulphate free or toning shampoo, you may want to apply a temporary grey rinse through your hair every now and again, just to ensure that the colour maintains its ashy zest.

Whatever your age, grey locks are a symbol of ageing gracefully and can easily be maintained when you decide to stop colouring your hair completely. Fashion Features Director of British Vogue, Sarah Harris, recently opened up to Allure about her unique locks, saying that most people can’t believe that it is natural.

“I started to go grey when I was about 16, and although I was mortified, it didn’t bother me enough to ever want to colour it,” she says. “At least three times a week, a complete stranger will come up to me on the street and ask who my colourist is — I don’t know if they ever believe me when I tell them it’s natural.”

By Grace Campbell

Thursday 5th May 2016