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Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

Monday 14th August 2017
It comes as no surprise to us that choosing your wedding cake can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable things to check off your wedding to-do list. Meeting with the baker, testing out the different flavours to choose from, and gathering inspiration for the stunning facade - choosing the right cake for your wedding is a creative journey towards aesthetic delight and a happy tummy. We are constantly on the look out for the best in unique cake design that is both food to the eyes and inspiration to the creative at heart.
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Tower of Treats 

If a classic, tiered wedding cake is not your style, then opt for something a little different that will have your guests sneakily making their way back to the dessert table for a second or third helping. Go on, have a little fun with an untraditional tower of naughty desserts that trumps the experience of eating a slice of cake any day. There are plenty of deserts that suit this form of presentation, from donuts, to macarons and every man’s favourite, the chocolate brownie. Or raise the bar with a classically French Croquembouche and enjoy the gasps across the room as your guests eagerly await some one-on-one time with this statement dessert piece.

Geode Cakes

This curious creation incorporates candy crystals to produce the illusion of raw cut gemstones embedded in the side of your cake! With an ethereal and otherworldly allure, geode cakes are the trend of the season and offer a unique look that will inspire your guests’ curiosity and appetite alike. Use a subdued purple tone to recreate an amethyst look for your cake, tying in with the decor of your choice. Since crystals and gems make for an awesome wedding decor theme, channel this shipwrecked look by loosely draping vegetable dyed fabric on wooden tables as table runners and decorate with hurricane candles and conglomerates of coloured crystals and gemstones.

Quirky Toppings

Adorn your wedding cake with flowers or decorations that give it a sense of personality. These enhancements may be sentimental and reflect an aspect of your relationship, or they might just serve to enhance the overall unique look of the cake. Opt for untraditional additions like floral elements (cactus cake, anyone?) or coloured drips that transform your wedding cake into an edible work of art.

Textured surfaces

Playing with an unlikely texture will allow the surface frosting to be the central feature of the cake, exuding a look that is both understated and elegant. A spackled surface resembles that of a Monet painting where thick brushstrokes are used to create a visual contrast between colours in what’s called ‘optical blending.’ This works just as well with a white base – just decorate with some coloured floral accents and you’re on your way. Ruffles can also create an elegant texture that mimics the way a bride’s gown might cascade in waves as she floats across the room.

Marble Facade

Marble has been a main player of the wedding decor game this year and has been popping up all over our social feeds as a minimal and trendy styling feature. In the same way, the marble aesthetic has made its way into the cake domain, offering engaged couples a unique alternative to a traditionally white wedding cake.

Get Naked

Rather than going for a frosted cake, skip the embellishment and opt for a stripped back design with what cake-creators are calling the ‘dirty icing’ method. Naked and semi-naked cakes reveal the layers of cake and cream by only having a very thin and space layer of frosting. This creates a very muted and opaque facade that exudes a beautifully raw and understated aesthetic, perfect for an industrial or rustic inspired wedding.

Monday 14th August 2017