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Velvet Luxe Wedding Decor

Monday 24th October 2016
There are few fabrics that truly exude ‘luxury’ and ‘grandeur’ like velvet does. This season, velvet has seductively crept its way back into the spotlight, being used as an elegant accent in wedding decor, accessories, and bomboniere.
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There are a myriad of ways that you can incorporate velvet into your wedding, from table accessories and centerpiece decoration, to invitations and keepsakes. Despite the urge to go overboard, the key to using this ultra luxe fabric is subtlety – enter the old adage, “less is more” – and letting the fabric itself do all the sweet-talking.


It is as though velvet was meant to draped – effortlessly placed in a way that is both minimalist in function and luxe in aesthetic. That’s the beauty of using velvet; it requires minimal effort for an incredible outcome. One of the most effective (and easiest!) ways to incorporate velvet into your wedding decor is to drape the fabric over each table for a more glamorous take on a traditional table setting. This can look especially effective when it is applied to bar tables or tables in the waiting area, where the subtle application of the fabric is somewhat unexpected. Velvet tablecloths are a sure way to bring the luxe factor to your dining experience.


A great way to channel those retro-chic vibes that are immediately associated with certain shades of velvet is to incorporate velvet armchairs and lounges for an outdoor reception area or photo-shoot setting. This instantly creates a warm and homely atmosphere and adds a touch of wondrous, bohemian spirit to your wedding. For a more classic approach to outdoor wedding decoration, weave touches of velvet into your backdrop for a romantic vibe and add floral accents to liven the space.


Of course, you can incorporate velvet into your wedding decor on a smaller scale by adding ribbons to the bouquets, cutlery, centerpieces, menus, and invitations. This is your chance to get creative! The bombonieres and keepsakes are a great way to finish off the wedding by reminding your guests of what a fabulous occasion it really was. Opt for a handmade velvet flower or trinket to tie in with the theme of your wedding and keep your guests swooning.

Monday 24th October 2016